Random Travel Tips

Ah, The Multi-Useful Coffee Cup

CoffeecupThose Styrofoam coffee cups that are supplied with the coffeemaker in your hotel room can be pressed into multiple services, while on your stay:

Fill with clean water, and snap on the drinking lid. Easily fill your room’s steam iron without spilling.

Fill with ice, add vodka & vermouth. Snap on the drink lid, cover the sip hole with your finger & shake. Strain through the sipping hole. (I’m just saying). ♦


Ummm, My Blackberry Is About To Die, Folks

BBerryCharger Nothing is worse than leaving your cellphone or Blackberry charger at home, when you’re on a business trip. Still, it happens to the best of us. Before you whistle up a cab to the nearest department store, to pick up a new one, ask at the front desk, or someone from housekeeping; most hotels have a box of chargers stored away somewhere, left by travelers who preceded you. If you’re like me, you’ve probably inadvertently donated to the collection yourself, once or twice. ♦



I Need A Restaurant! Yelp!

YelpSo you’ve just flown in, and you have an important client that you need to take out to dinner, and it better be an epic dinner. Usually not a problem; you let the client pick the place, because they know their home town better than you. But, what if they flew in from out of town as well? There’s always the concierge desk; results may vary. Check out http://www.yelp.com for some ideas as well. It’s a review site, along the lines of Angie’s List, but tends to center more around restaurants & nightlife. It’s got an active following in most major cities, and you’ll get to read, not just a single review of a restaurant, but typically ten or twelve; if ten reviewers love a given restaurant, chances are your client will too. ♦


Checked Bags? I Checked Them At The Office, Thanks.

FedExWith many airlines charging anywhere from $20 to $50 for checked bags, you may want to take a serious look at what you’re taking with you, and what would make the difference between a full suitcase and a carry-on. You may find that you can ship ahead a few items that you just can’t do without, and save some money…and lugging that extra baggage around the airport…and have less chance of it all winding up in Helsinki.  Just ship anything you want to find waiting for you to the hotel, to your own attention, and request it at the concierge’s desk when you check in.

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